First solar IPP to be connected to the grid in West Africa

  • Installed capacity : 20 MWp
  • Access to power for 160 000 people
  • 150 jobs created during construction
  • Competitive solar power : $4.9 million yearly savings for the government
  • Prevention of 25 000 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • 25 permanent jobs created for operations & maintenance

Located in Northern Senegal, the Senergy 2 solar PV plant is the first utility-scale solar PV plant operated by an Independent Power Producer to be connected in West Africa.

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The electricity produced by Senergy 2 is sold to the Senegalese power utility Senelec through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The plant will feed the grid with clean power at a cost more than 50% lower than the current Senegalese energy mix.

In 12 months, GreenWish developed, structured and financed the project, while Vinci Energies led the engineering, procurement and construction in less than 8 months.

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45% of the project company is held by Senegalese investors

The Senegalese Sovereign Fund (CDC) and local private investors hold 45% of the project equity, therefore retaining a major part of the project revenues locally.

Alongside the equity investors, the project was financed through a loan provided by Green Africa Power, a multilateral investment vehicle dedicated to enabling private investment in clean power in Africa, jointly financed by the governments of the United Kingdom, Norway and the Netherlands, alongside other development finance institutions.

A comprehensive partnership with the local communities of Bokhol

  • 40% jobs created allocated to the local communities
  • Priority given to women for jobs and revenue-generating activities
    • Access to electricity : supply, installation and maintenance of solar street lighting and solar home systems
    • Allocation of 2% of project revenues and all carbon credits to local communities