Our clean energy technologies


Solar hybrid and Energy storage

Connectivity access and clean technologies

Wind : onshore and offshore

We are positioned on the full value chain of renewable energy solutions

Large-scale captive solutions

We deliver competitive and reliable utility-scale power plants to support the development of prime economic actors in African countries at national level

Off-grid B2B captive solutions

GreenWish’s goal is to assist private actors operating in Africa, especially industrials, telecom and mining actors, in transitioning from thermal facilities (mainly diesel gensets) to renewable energy solutions while decreasing their operating costs due to high electricity and/or fuel costs

The GreenWish Villages

We develop a multi-sector infrastructure (physical and digital) platform to accelerate business and development in rural Africa

We offer tailored solutions to


Telecom sector

Mines & Industries

Commercial buildings

Inclusiveness and sustainability are at the core of our business model


We focus on clean energy only, with a particular emphasis on leapfrogging harmful and expensive fuel-based power production.

Social and economic empowerment

For each project we develop, we pay particular attention to engaging with local communities to understand their needs and foster economic empowerment

Human and labour rights

We respect local populations’ rights through a coordinated approach ensuring all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account

Good governance

We strictly adhere to EU and US anti-corruption and money laundering laws as well as UN Principles for Responsible Investment and IFC Equator Principles

Health and safety

We provide a safe and healthy work environment to the people we employ, and require subcontractors’ adherence to the same standards