Our History

GreenWish was founded in 2010 to support energy transition investments. From 2010 to 2014, the company has executed a number of financial and asset management mandates in the energy transition sector for a diversified base of clients: independent power producers, utilities, pensions funds, sovereign funds, infrastructure funds and family offices. In 2014, GreenWish expanded to Sub-Saharan Africa with direct development and investment in renewable energy projects. GreenWish successfully completed the development, financing and commissioning of the first solar Independent Power Producer project in West Africa, the 20 MW Senergy 2 solar PV project in Senegal. GreenWish is also pioneer of the energy transition for the telecom sector with a first long term contract with Orange in Africa in DRCongo followed by Sierra Leone. The group also developed the GreenWish Smart Villages, an innovative decentralised infrastructure platform fostering access to electricity, digital, public and private services to underserved population in a PPP model. Since 2020, GreenWish is enlarging its telecom and industrial energy transition experience to global opportunities to accompany renewable energy project sponsors, investors and corporate off takers with a view to accelerate the deployment of clean power production and consumption.

Letter from the founder

We believe that renewable energy technologies combined with inclusive and innovative business models have the potential to meet the global economic, social and environmental challenges. 

GreenWish’s mission is to demonstrate the potential of renewable energies to fuel sustainable economic transition while contributing to the fight against climate-change.

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Our values

We believe that financial success is a by-product of a successful inclusive, change-making, disciplined business and team


We share value creation with clients, partners, communities and the environment


We create disruptive business models to address country, technology and financing challenges


We leverage our discipline of project finance and past track record to develop innovative technical, financing and contractual structures

Diversified pool of Institutional and Private Investors

GreenWish gathers African and international, private and institutional investors in the same platform.

Institutional Partners

With a growing investment capacity, we have the ambition to develop, finance, build and operate a portfolio of distributed solar and hybrid projects for telecom, industrial, and mining clients.